Cold sheet metal stamping

Gibertini performs cold sheet metal stamping using both vertical mechanical and vertical hydraulic presses with power up to 500 tons.

We can respond to the most varied customer needs by making use of a 40+ year process know-how, with a focus on continuous improvement.

We can work with a wide range of materials: from steel to brass, aluminum and its alloys, pressed sheet metal components and their assemblies are used in most industries such as those of medical, appliances, safety, electronics, and automotive.

Campi applicazione stampaggio lamiera

Field of application

Stamping was invented to make a large number of sheet metal pieces at the lowest possible cost.

Through stamping operations on sheets made of many different types of materials, it is possible to carry out the following operations:

Given the cost of the tooling, the technology is more convenient the higher the number of pieces to produce in the part life-cycle. n cases where there are any alternatives, such as laser cutting, the break even that justifies the creation of the tooling for stamping is usually found anywhere from a few hundreds to a few thousand pieces to be produced, depending on the complexity.

Usually this indication can be quickly given in the feasibility study phase: it will be we take care to suggest alternative technologies where a series is too small to justify the creation of a mould.

The manufacturing process

In order to be able to adequately respond to the manufacturing needs of our customers, over the years we have developed a diversified know-how of the various work phases.


We design and build dies taking into account all the defining parameters of the supply (e.g., volumes, equipment maintainability needs), up to the definition of the production methods in line with the customer’s needs in terms of quality, times, and costs.


We shape small, medium and large pieces (up to 500 T) with care and precision on the basis of the specifications defined during the industrialization phase of the component.

We can take care of any type of processing: blanking, punching, deep drawing, bending etc.


We can manage all kinds of surface treatment and painting finishes relying on a network of specialized suppliers. From painting, embossing, to screen printing, we can make your components and assemblies clearly distinguishable on the market.


We are specialized in the assembly and packaging of simple and complex assemblies, making use of specialized manpower and also of ad hoc tooling and automation.

At the end of the process, we can provide our customers with advanced inventory management techniques to meet any need in terms of speed and reliability of supplies.

Our machinery

We have vertical mechanical and hydraulic presses with powers up to 500 tons and dimensions up to 3000mm, with which we can print sheets of any material, both in sheets and in coils, fed into the machine automatically.

We also have a dedicated job shop for the building and maintaining of the moulds.