DTH satellite TV antennas

We make some of the best satellite tv dishes on the market. Good design, strict quality standards and engineered with impeccable technical expertise in the telecommunications field.

Antenne Tetto

Antennas tailored to customer needs

Gibertini offers both catalogue products or the skills and experience to develop ad-hoc models for its customers, so that they can distribute unique products that best suit their offering.

Roof satellite TV antennas: the Gibertini series

For those who require quality products at a lower price bracket.

Our best-selling, with a great price/performance ratio .

Total resistance to the elements for as long as possible.

Transceiver performance and design. Choose it for the reason you prefer.

Large antennas for condominiums and professional installations

Particularly suited for use in geographical areas with critical coverage.


At Gibertini you can find a full range of accessories for our satellite dishes. Specific parts designed to facilitate installation, ensure flexibility for various applications and enhance performance.