Design and construction of dies for sheet metal stamping

The first step in the manufacturing process of cold stamped sheet metal components consists in the design and construction of the dies. Gibertini carries out these activities internally making use of 40+ years of know-how and a dedicated tool shop.

Design and construction of quality dies

This phase follows co-design logics with the customer, taking into consideration all the relevant parameters of the supply, as for example:

We take into account every aspect to arrive to an accurate cost evaluation with regards to the Total Cost of Ownership.

Costruzione stampi

Industrialization of components

Gibertini specialises in the manufacturing of components and assemblies from cold stamped sheet metal components. Defining the correct production process is a critical phase, taking into account the customer’s needs in terms of quality, time, and costs.

In this phase for example we will define the decoupling point between demand pull and demand push, decide for the making of custom production equipment and automations, and define procedures related to quality.