Manufacturing of stamped metal components

Following the industrialization phase, our skilled workers take care of the production based on the methods and specifications defined. Our machinery is used together with any eventual ad-hoc automations and specific toolings that have been created. We specialize in manufacturing parts of medium and large size, up to 500t or 3000mm in max size.

Piercing and cutting of sheet metal

With our presses we can take care of sheet metal piercing and cutting, imparting a shear force sufficient to separate the material along the edge of the die. Cutting allows you to shape the perimeter of the manufactured part, while piercing allows you to perform holes and notches with precision.

Produzione componenti

Deep drawing

Deep drawing is used to deform the sheet of metal three-dimensionally, giving it the required curvature and shape. Here the sheet metal is pushed inside a die with the usd of a special punch.

Sheet metal bending

Bending is used to give the sheet metal a V or U-shaped fold, with a pre-established radius, along a single axis.