Antenna camper Giber van

Giber-Van satellite antenna 50-60cm

Our top-of-the-line model, recommended for those who do not need to travel very far with their vehicle (e.g. Norway, Africa, Russia..). This is a compact and highly appreciated antenna on the market, complete with all the features and construction characteristics of a quality antenna.


The architecture is designed for practicality, in fact, any necessary (and rare) repairs can be carried out without having to remove the wiring from the roof of the camper.

The antenna extends at the push of a button, and is directly connected to the ignition of the vehicle to ensure that the antenna is safely retracted during travel. Signal search is fast thanks to a proprietary algorithm that takes into account the last known position of the antenna.

Antenna camper Giber van

White label customization: logo on the reflector, logo on displays and user interfaces, colours, other ad-hoc customisations