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About Gibertini

With headquarters and production in northern Italy, Gibertini is an efficient company with over 40 years of extensive experience in the design and production of superior satellite antennas. Starting with an in-house R&D team of master researchers who pass on innovative designs to expert technicians, who guide our state of the art, precision production machinery, and finishing with a very stringent quality control system, we produce what we believe are the ones of finest antennas on the market.

Our mission is, and will always be, to manufacture products that will deliver the best performance possible.
To deliver customer satisfaction that goes far and beyond the typical experience found today is anyway a must for us. We work closely with our customers to satisfy their particular needs for customization, order size, and delivery. Our flexible and professional approach with our customers, combined with products that exceed the toughest of expectations, make Gibertini a valuable partner for all your needs.